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Percherons of Color

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Updated 3/24/2012

Percherons of Color is simply about that. The color's our Percheron breed exibits and why so many don't realize that there is more to this breed than Black and Grey.

Our Mission

I'm building this website to educate the public masses that this breed has much more to it than meets the eye. This has been an ongoing process of my life's work consisting of documenting, following, and identifying Percheron horses within the breed. While I have centered my research around mainly the color blue roan in the breed, I do at times spread out into other horses, lines, and colors. This is fully an educational and informational site but I please ask you to not abuse the information provided. This is something very near and dear to me and I hope to keep sharing the information.

Percherons of Color has a sister site that will contain far more information than this specific site. This site located at Tripod will be left up, but the information will no longer be updated. At this time the other site is being built via: Wix. For more information, photos, and goodies, head over there.


Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

If you are unable to email, or have photographs or information to mail to me send it to the address below. Please include all information with whatever you are mailing so I can get everything correct when I add it to the site.
Mailing Address: Diane Blanzy
5364 8 Mile Road
Remus, MI 49340

You have questions. Email me. I enjoy positive feedback. Questions. Concerns. & Support.